HELLO! 你好!

I am a themed entertainment designer focused on Interiors.

I am an MFA candidate who will be leaving SCAD - Savannah, GA. in June.

The SCAD MFA in themed entertainment design has fostered my ability to conceptualize experiences base upon story and narrative following my SCAD undergrad BFA in Interior Design. My education has allowed me to sharpen my skills in 3-D modeling and illustrations as a tool to share my visions of presenting guests with immersive entertaining environments

I have had the opportunity to dive into diverse cultures through travel and I am always growing when I learn from others. Being focused on different cultures and environments can affect human psychology and improve people's lives through creative ideas. SCAD has furnished me with an appreciation of maintaining an open mind to learning opportunities. I am very excited about how spaces we design can become a thrilling adventure for guests of all ages.

I have enjoyed the process of working in team constructs while focusing my energy on creating fun guest experiences and discovered the value of working in teams as a key to achieving collaborative team projects.

The art of design has always been my passion and now I am thrilled to express these principles in the realms of entertainment where design is a source of universal joy for families.

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