Forest Elf Adventure World



Welcome to our forest world! All guests will be transformed into a forest elf to protect our beautiful nature. There are three big parts in the whole forest world. The first part: the mushroom playground is dedicated to The Happy Elves who under the age of 5; the second part: the adventure world of the uncle tree is The Guardian Elves who the age of 10 or older; the third part: the climbing tree house is for The Crazy Elves who are over 5 years old.


Special Scene with Interaction Game:

In the uncle tree, there is a wizard test for the guardian elves. In order to pass the exam successfully, the elves must wear the Elf ring to collect the elf energy. The first elf collecting energy can go to the third level to pass the final test. These three different test results determine the final degree of the elves. They will be brave elves, magic elves and glamour elves. At the same time, there will be different difficulties in the exam, such as: snakes in the mushroom (VR) or monster smoke will run out to hinder the exam. The elves needs to raise the hand with the elf ring to destroy the monster.


Material: wood, fiberglass, rock.