Hospitality Design
Shenzhen, China

The Student Hotel is located in Shenzhen city. The hotel is a platform providing temporary accommodation in Shenzhen city for recent graduates looking to integrate into the city through job placement. My design is focused on the first floor and part of the second floor. 



The people born in 1990 to 2000 in China are becoming the last generation in the one-child policy family. There is an increase in the percentage of college graduates by the pressure from family and society. After college, students from smaller cities with less opportunities will migrate to bigger cities in search of jobs. 


Student Hotel is based on the history of the fishing village in Shenzhen. It is also a medium connecting the past and future. The traditional Chinese Netting elements and combined model patterns with sculptures and artwork are used as a visual journey of Shenzhen’s history. The symbols such as the birdcage, Chinese broken tiles and the cow are all sacred icons of Shenzhen. 



By allowing graduates to brew their own tea we are allowing them to release their stress. Chinese broken tiles and a creative birdcage come from traditional Chinese netting elements. 

In the social tradition, deeply rooted in Chinese history, with bird-lover taking their pet birds in the exquisite birdcage to tea cafe as a pastime. 


Student Loft Enterance.jpg

When visitors enter the hotel’s lobby, guests are greeted by  the ceiling elements which display the symbol of the netting concept, as well as a sculpture of the cow, which represent the development of Shenzhen.