Presentation Board


The challenge presented was to design a queue for the previously designed voodoo dark ride attraction by Will Barnett. A full concept package was designed including graphics, architectural concepts, queue master plan, lighting, railing, interactive ring and interactive game.


 When a series of grisly murders begin to take place in New Orleans, as intrepid detectives we venture to the outskirts of New Orleans to the evil voodoo garden and salon castle of the voodoo queen. According to legend, the voodoo queen has been alive for over 200 years. Countless people visited the voodoo queen's salon to exchange their most precious secrets with the queen in exchange for the secret of youthful preservation.There is a ghostly axeman in the garden guarding the mystical talking voodoo mask, a voodoo swamp, a face tree monster that will absorb the soul, and some animals and plants that are transformed by scissors into monsters. They are all secrets to protect the voodoo queen and to penetrate the voodoo castle; we must conquer these defenders.

Interaction Game:

Adding an adventure game “Catch the Axeman” increases the interest of visitors in queuing the voodoo theme. Visitor will act as detectives in the queue line to find the mark of the voodoo queen’s assistant “Axeman”. Visitors wear an interactive ring into the queuing areas to discover the marks of the “Axeman”, waving their hand with the ring to activate the magical voodoo devices. For example, at the entrance, wave your hands in front of the axeman wanted poster and the poster will begin to burn. Also, waving the ring in front of the “big axe” in the mask area and will make the axe fall to the ground.

Voodoo Salon Marquee

SCENE 1 - Axeman with Voodoo Mask

Under a century-old tree, there is a gate to another world. Before entering we receive a cryptic warning about remembering what you look like. There are trees covered with scissors, mountains full of snakes, and walls that move automatically. The wall has been covered with a poster that reads "Beware of the Voodoo Queen's assistant axeman." But don't be afraid! Using the detection ring we can help track down the axeman. There seems to be something watching at us. Suddenly there are strange giant voodoo masks that are mumbling indistinctly. They seemed to say, "There is a big axe, run fast."

SCENE 2 - Voodoo Village with Faces Zone

There is a hidden gate next to the mask door that leads to the Voodoo Village on the swamp.In eternal night, this voodoo village was cursed by the voodoo queen, using smoking scissors to interrupt the memory of tourists causing them forget who they are. "Run to the other side of the bridge, don't let the smoke touch you!" The tree grows a lot of faces, they are the people who have come here before. Look, there are our faces too! Why! Are we becoming the target?

SCENE 3 - Scissor Monsters

Watch out! A spider made of scissors is running towards us. "Come over here." There is a man holding a torch on the cliff that signals our rescue. We follow. But it’s a trap. Lurking behind the corner is dead tree made of scissors. It chases us into the Salon Castle. Buried deep within the castle lies the secret that the voodoo queen steals the faces of former explorers to keep her youth. You look for a way to escape meeting the same fate.

SCENE 4 - Voodoo Queen Preshow

Buried deep within the castle lies the secret that the voodoo queen steals the faces of former explorers to keep her youth. 

SCENE 5 - Swamp Dark Ride Scene

You look for a way to escape meeting the same fate.

Prop Design for Preshow Room

Ring Design for Interaction Game

Sketches for Beginning Ideas

Light Fixture Design:

by using Rhino and Keyshot