Nepal Theme PArk
Patan, Nepal

In Yatra town, combining the culture of the the Malla Dynasty (1201–1779 CE) in Patan city and the natural scenery of Everest mountain as one, the Yatra Town fully displays the prosperous scene of the Malla Dynasty (1201–1779) by employing a combination of realistic and romantic techniques and absorbing them. It’s composed of Marketplace Street (the Culture Performance Area),  the Climbing Center, and the High-Tech Entertainment Area (mountain river ride+ Mountain).

One of the most important advantages is the fact that they will have an opportunity to participate in all the quests and adventures instead of being a passive observer. Among the offered activities, tourists can find restaurants, stores, night shows, and river rides. Those who attend the night show will have a chance to watch the projection of how a well-known historical temple of Nepal was restored.